Welcome! Despite having had this site online for a while now, it is still very much a work in progress so please bear with me if there are glitches or incomplete pages. The site is pretty much a glorified blog.

I have written political comment pieces and reviews for various publications including Demos, New StatesmanProgress Online, Future Foreign PolicyLabourList, and The Church Times. These articles and reviews, along with additional blog posts, can be found (unsurprisingly) in the Writing section of this site.

I currently work in communications for a major transport infrastructure provider having previously worked for a Labour peer in the House of Lords. However, I am involved with various Projects outside of this. These are mainly related to China in some way. In 2008 I spent six weeks in Shanghai with the British Council. That trip ignited a fascination with this complex country and I have sought in various ways to deepen my understanding. I have been lucky enough to visit regularly ever since.

It’s always great to hear from people interested in being involved in these projects so please don’t hesitate to Contact Me about these or anything else on this site.